Bulk renaming of files

  1. Select the files you want to rename en masse
  2. Click the "bulk rename" button at the top
  3. Here you can write a list of texts to be replaced. The found phrases (on the left) will be replaced in the name by another phrase (on the right). If you select the "spintax" option, you can use a special text format to randomize the replacement.
  4. More options
  5. A list of bulk renaming profiles, you can create a separate profile for each task
  6. Here you can quickly edit file names manually


Additional options


  1. Use "spintax" to completely replace the file name with it.
  2. image-1612460924522.pngA) Use the parent folder name as a prefix for the new file name (if video.mp4 is in the FOLDER folder, the file name will be FOLDER_001.mp4) B) desired prefix to be added before numbering (PREFIX_001.mp4) C) The number from which to begin numbering.   

  3. The file name will be replaced with a random combination of letters and numbers. You can set the number of characters (for example, 8 random characters in the name: "5r8a11yf.jpg")
  4. Options to convert letters to "lower" or "UPPERCASE", as well as "To Convert First Letters Of Words To Uppercase"
  5. Leaves only the first letters of the words, removing spaces. For example "Video File.mp4" will be renamed to "VF.mp4"
  6. Adds the sequential number of the file in the list + underscore character in front of the file name. For example, "Video File.mp4" becomes "1_Video File.mp4", etc.
  7. Adds an underscore + vertical height + "p" to the end of the file name. For example, "Video File.mp4" becomes "Video File_1080p.mp4".
  8. Options to remove excess characters on the left or right if you know their number, which can be set beside.
  9. If during renaming the new file name coincides with the file with the same name in the same folder, you can choose the way to proceed in this situation. Ignore renaming, save under a unique name, overwrite the file.