Cropping a multimedia file

Let's say you have a video or audio file and you need to cut a small piece as a sample, or you need to split the video into several parts. There is a special tool for this purpose.

  1. Select files to crop
  2. Press the crop media button
  3. Select the desired profile
  4. Set the time interval for the start and end of the cut sample.
  5. The trimmed file will be created with a name with this text at the end
  6. You can create an animated GIF from the original video file
  7. GIF file resolution options
  8. The frame rate of the GIF file
  9. Two passes of encoding will take twice as long, but the visual quality of the GIF will be higher.
  10. You can use the timeline slider to select the start and end frame by frame for the cut clip (see below)


If you click on button 10, it opens a window for selecting the beginning 1 and the end 2 of the clip you want to cut, you can visually define timestamps, and button 3 saves the current screenshot in the root folder.