Getting information from video (Mediainfo)

  1. Select media files
  2. Click the Mediainfo button
  3. Profiles with different templates for Mediainfo
  4. Mediainfo template
  5. A description of the variables for the Mediainfo template


In addition to the template variables enclosed in curly brackets {variable_name}, square brackets [group1~group2] are used. Where the ~ symbol divides the text inside into groups. The first group (searching from left to right), where the variables inside have a nonempty value, will be inserted instead of all the content enclosed in square brackets. This allows for variability in the formation of video information, because sometimes one type of information is specified for one type of video, and for another type, there is no information, but there is other information in other variables. If all variables inside square brackets are empty, everything in square brackets will be ignored.

Here is an example of getting information from the pattern in the top screenshot:


A complete list of variables to be used in the template:

{filename} - full file name
{name} - file name without extension (Video)
{ext} - lower case file extension (mp4)
{EXT} - file extension in upper case (MP4)
{definition} - Specifies the resolution (SD,HD,FullHD,UltraHD/2K,UltraHD/4K,UltraHD/8K)
{definition2} - Specifies the resolution (SD,HD,FullHD,UltraHD 2K,UltraHD 4K,UltraHD 8K)
{definition3} - Specifies the resolution (SD,HD,FullHD,2K UHD,4K UHD,8K UHD)
{definition_index} - Defines the resolution index (0-5)
{folder_file_count} - Number of files in the folder
{folder_name} - parent folder name
{folder_name_fw} - first word in the parent folder name
{folder_name_fwd} - text up to the first point in the parent folder name
{folder_name_fws} - text before the first space in the parent folder name
{folder_name_fwds} - text up to the first space or point in the parent folder name
{file_name_fwds} - text up to the first space or point in the file name

Scan the folder and define the image resolutions inside it
{folder_iminx} - minimum X
{folder_iminy} - minimum Y
{folder_imaxx} - maximum X
{folder_imaxy} - maximum Y

{General|Format:} - Format (AVI)
{General|Format/Info:} - Format description (Audio Video Interleave)
{General|Filesize:} - File size (49.6 MB)
{General|Duration:} - Duration (01:02:03)
{General|Overallbitrate:} - Average bitrate (2,979 Kbps)

{Video|Format:} - Video Format (MPEG-4 Visual)
{Video|Formatprofile:} - codec profile (Advanced Simple@L5)
{Video|CodecID:} - Codec ID (XVID)
{Video|CodecID/Hint:} - Text description of the codec name (XviD)
{Video|Duration:} - Video duration (01:02:03)
{Video|Bitrate:} - Bitrate (2 760 Kbps)
{Video|Width:|pixels} - Width (720)
{Video|Height:|pixels} - Height (480)
{Video|Displayaspectratio:} - Picture proportions (3:2)
{Video|Framerate:} - Frame rate (25,000 fps)
{Video|Standard:} - TV standard (NTSC)
{Video|Colorspace:} - Color format (YUV)
{Video|Chromasubsampling:} - Quantum Format (4:2:0)
{Video|Bitdepth:} - Bit of color format (8 bits)
{Video|Scantype:} - Progressive video order
{Video|Compressionmode:} - Loss of information when compressing (Lossy)
{Video|Bits/(Pixel*Frame):} - Bits/(Pixels*frame) (0.319)
{Video|Streamsize:} - Video data size (45.9 MiB (93%))

{Audio|Format:} - Audio format (MPEG Audio)
{Audio|Formatversion:} - Audio format version (Version 1)
{Audio|Formatprofile:} - Profile of the audio format (Layer 3)
{Audio|Format/Info:} - Decrypt the audio format (for AC3 there will be "Audio Coding 3")
{Audio|Mode:} - Audio mode (Joint stereo)
{Audio|Modeextension:} - Mode Extension (MS Stereo)
{Audio|CodecID/Hint:} - Text description of the codec name (MP3)
{Audio|Duration:} - Duration (2mn 19s)
{Audio|Bitratemode:} - Bitrate mode (Constant)
{Audio|Bitrate:} - Bitrate (128 Kbps)
{Audio|Channel(s):} - Channels (2 channels)
{Audio|Samplingrate:} - Sampling rate (44.1 KHz)
{Audio|Compressionmode:} - Loss of information when compressing (Lossy)
{Audio|Streamsize:} - Audio data size (2.13 MiB (4%))
{Audio|Alignment:} - Aligned on interleaves mode
{Audio|Interleave,duration:} - Time between audio blocks (250 ms (6.24 video frames))
{Audio|Interleave,preloadduration:} - Audio data preload (182 ms)