Screenshot/Screenlist Generator

Screenshot - a single shot/frame taken from the video
Screenlist - an image with multiple frames taken from different places in the video.

  1. Select video files
  2. Click the screenshot generator button
  3. List of profiles with screenshot generator settings
  4. Selected profile name.
  5. If you are going to run several profiles with different generator settings for one file, you will get screenshots/screenshots with the same file names. To avoid overwriting files with the same name by different profiles, you may want to add the text to the end of the screenshot or screencast to avoid file name conflicts.
  6. This option allows you to add the name of the parent folder to the end of the screenshot or screenlist file name
  7. Select the number of columns and rows for the screenlist
  8. This option enables generation of a screenlist
  9. You can limit the maximum size of the screenlist. Useful when high resolution video and many frames will give too large a width or height of the screenlist.
  10. If you need to make several versions of the screenlists, you can specify the number. The point is that during the generation of frames for the screenlist, the timestamps from which the frame will be taken are determined with the addition of randomness. For more variability.
  11. If you enable this option, all frames used (or not used) for the screencast will be saved separately
  12. You can limit the maximum width of individual frames.
  13. This is a visual layout for the screenlist. By clicking the left mouse button you can turn on/expand the cells for the frames. Click the right mouse button to turn on/shrink the cell for the frames.
  14. Additional settings (see below)
  15. Button to start a generator
  16. This button starts the generator, after which the archiver will be started and all the obtained screenshots/frames will be moved to a separate archive.


Additional settings

Template for video information can be edited in Mediainfo section